Flaxi heat therapy bags are a proudly South African product which has been lovingly developed and hand-crafted. Available in three different ranges - Adult, Toddler and Baby. Our 100% cotton bags are filled with flaxseeds and lavender. This product is perfect for everyday aches and pains in those hard to reach areas and shapes perfectly to the target area. Flaxi bag can be applied hot or cold, depending on your preference or specific pain relief requirements.

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Creates calm and lifts mood – Lavender has been named one of the few alternative treatments for anxiety; proven to promote calm and reduce anxiety compared to conventional medication. Lavender assists with the treatment of depression, naturally provides comfort during a pregnancy, and provides relief pre- and post medical procedures.

Induces sleep – Lavender improves sleep cycles and has also shown to aid in the treatment of restless leg syndrome, which causes many to suffer from sleepless nights.

Improves memory - Lavender helps to calm the mind allowing you to focus on the task at hand.


Whole Flaxseed provides a soothing, moist heat which has proven to promote healing. Flaxseeds (which are flower seeds) are used in Flaxi bags rather than grains, as they contain 30 - 40% oil which remains inside the seed and can be warmed over and over again. Other treatment products will lose their ability to retain heat over time, as the water in them eventually evaporates. Flaxseed will never produce the “cooked grain” smell that other grain-based products create when heated over multiple occasions. Additionally, the reduced weight of Flaxseed provides a gentle and comforting texture to our Flaxi bags.

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With many of us working on computers or behind a desk for most of the day, our posture has most-likely deteriorated over time. This will cause aches or pains mainly in our necks and lower backs. The heating properties of Flaxi bag will help to treat the pain, with the Lavender and Flaxseed providing the calming and comforting properties.


Anxiety is our body's natural response to stress. With the manner in which we work and execute our everyday lives, stress and anxiety is set to increase even more. The Lavender in the Flaxi bag helps to calm the mind and body and helps to improve sleep; giving you that extra boost when facing difficult situations at work or home.



Common headaches are caused by many contributing factors such as stress, ambient noises, lack of sleep, and over-stimulation from exposure to multiple screens for long periods of time. Our Flaxi bags can be placed over your eyes and on your forehead, giving you time to remove yourself from stressful situations and help you to relax, regroup and restart.


As more of us pursue an active lifestyle, we are prone to sport and fitness related pains and injuries. Our Flaxi bags can be applied directly to the targeted area on your body and will mould to your unique shape for ultimate comfort and effective relief of aches and pains - providing you with a natural companion product to your daily fitness routine.


FLAXi bag's outer material is made from 100% imported cotton ensuring optimal comfort and durability

Organically Farmed Ingredients

Each FLAXi bag contains approx 650g food grade flaxseed and lavender organically farmed in the Western Cape

Powerful Ingredients

for Natural Relief

Just the right combination of flaxseed and lavender flowers provide optimal healing powers

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We are Kashmir Koko, the home of Flaxi bag, and a natural products company.

Flaxi products have been designed and developed by a passionate team of family entrepreneurs who strive to provide only the best natural healing products for you. Launched in 2020, Flaxi bag is the first product in a range of natural health solutions that are planned for the South African market.